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From: Story Teller
Subject: Hall of shame - part 2Hall of shame - part twoOK here is part two. Thanks for the encouragement following part one -
please let me know if you have any russian nude family
ideas, comments or suggestions for
further episodes. And remember this is all fiction - be safe in real life.****************************************************************************Will, James and the others were clearly well satisfied by the show we had
given them russian naturist pageant and the cock sucking they russian kids naked sites had all received. However after
getting their entertainment they weren't inclined to be any more pleasant to
us so I was roughly frog marched out of Ian's room, still naked of course.
Having just swallowed Ian's load I would have preferred the chance to talk
it over with him and see how he was about it all but clearly this wasn't to
be.The guys didn't really do any more to me that night, just marched me naked
round the halls, and then free russian porn stream left me at the door to my room. "Hope you enjoyed
that faggot" sneered Will "as they'll be plenty of opportunities for some
fun now we all know you are happy to help us out".They left me alone after that that night so I had time to think things over
as I lay in bed. I didn't fancy my chances at going back to the bathroom to
clean my teeth in case I saw them again so I fell asleep with the combined
taste of all the cocks and cum still in my mouth as I thought back over the
evening's events. Even though it had been forced on me I have to admit it
had got me hot and it russian kiddy sex movies was a real dream come true to have sixty nined with
Ian! I soon found myself getting hard russian female nude photography at the thought of it all and in the
safety of my room even the thought of being bullied around by eight rugby
lads and told to serve them was turning me on.The next morning I tried to keep a low profile as I got ready for lectures.
A couple of them were in the bathroom but other than a few lecherous leers
they said nothing to me and I didn't see Will or James, or Ian either. It
was rather hard to concentrate that day - my mind kept wandering back to the
events of russian pornsites the night before, thinking of how Ian must be and wondering
(mostly in dread but partly in anticipation) what might be in store for me.I stayed on campus as long as I could that night and had something to eat
there so I wouldn't have to spend much time around the halls when I got
back. When I did get back things were pretty quiet so I went straight to my
room to russian nude photos think what to do next. However they must have been looking out russian tickets for
me as porno picks russian only about 10 minutes later russian nude gayboy there was a knock at my russian xxx explicit photos
door. I called
out to see who it was and Ian replied "Hey Dan it's me". I was reassured to
hear his voice and without a thought opened the door.Ian wasn't alone. Five of the eight, including James and Will, were with
him and they had russian boys naked
clearly got to him some time ago as he was naked and
sporting half an erection. They all barged in and slammed the door behind
them. "Where have you been cunt," said Will, "your little friend has been
waiting russian angels thumb for you"."Hey Ian" I started to say but Will shut me up. "Don't 15 yo russian nude think either of you
sluts can speak in front of us without our permission. gay nude russian males
You're here to serve
us not have a girly chat with each other. Now you two did a good job last
night so if you know what's good for you there'll be no nonsense tonight
either".At this point Will told Ian to undress me which he did without question. I
wasn't going to argue with them and thought the best thing for Ian and I was
to just do what they said. Ian seemed very subdued and quiet and I wondered
what they might have free russian porn picks already done to him. The thought of this, the sight of
his smooth naked body and the gentle way he started to strip me soon got me
in the mood and by the time he got to my boxers my hard cock was straining
to get out. Ian too was now back in the mood as his cock was now fully
erect again.Whilst this was russian boys image boards
happening the five of them had all started to undress too
and soon there were seven naked guys in the room. Last night they hadn't
bothered to strip off to let us suck them so I wondered if they had russian girls dating sites
more in
store for us."Right then you cunts, I think its time for you to show us your appreciation
for being so nice to you last night. Get on your knees and get sucking."
Ian and I both did as we were told and a couple of them were pushed forward
for the first seeing to. We soon got to work and took down their throbbing
hard-ons ukraine russian women nudegirls and gave them a good sucking. This time each of them in turn
shoved their cocks in our faces and gave us both a good face fucking but
each of them pulled out before we'd had a chance to make any of them cum.
This went on until each of us had sucked them all and we were both well
turned on at having such a variety of cocks thrust into us."Good work boys" said James "glad to see you've not lost your touch from
last night. Now we're not unreasonable - we wouldn't want to deny you both
your pleasure. Why don't you sort each other out like you did so well
before". They pushed us roughly to the floor and taking our cue we got into
position and started to suck each other. Like I said we were both very
turned on at this point but I certainly wasn't too sure what they expected
of us. Surely they wouldn't just let us make each other cum and that would
be it?We carried on to much encouragement from the five of them. They all watched
us and out of the corner of my eye I saw some of them were wanking as they
watched - the show must have been OK for them."Now then pussies we don't want to be left waiting too long," said Will.
"We can't wait to see you fags cum in each other's mouths. If you two are
such good friends you'll want to share what you get from each other so no
swallowing just russian portrait photographers
yet". We were both getting close by now so we just carried
on and russian porn clips did what we were told. Ian came first and shot four or five healthy
spurts into my waiting mouth. I held his russian street girls load there and let it roll over my
tongue, the sweet but salty taste adding an extra turn on for me as he
worked on my raging hard on with his warm, wet mouth. I soon felt myself
tensing up and I released my load into his waiting mouth.As soon as I had cum I was pulled off Ian by a couple of the guys and Ian
was pulled to his feet by the others. "Now then ladies why not have a nice
smooch and share your cum with each other" said James pushing us together.
Now I'd thought of kissing Ian many a time but never thought that our first
kiss would involve us swapping the cum we had just sucked from each other.
I couldn't believe we were being made to do this, to kiss and mix up our
loads, to swallow our own cum. However with five rugby players watching on
neither of us were in any position to complain. Our lips met and
instinctively we wrapped our arms around each other and drew each other
close. I lost myself in the moment and enjoyed the tenderness of the kiss
and warmth of his naked body pressed next to mine, the roughness of his face
against mine. Ian slipped his tongue between my lips and I could feel the
cum in his mouth as he brought it to my lips. I did the same and we started
to pass it between us. Looking back I think Will, James and the others made
us do this thinking we would russian voyeur pics be humiliated but somehow it was actually quite
erotic, two guys sharing the essence of their manhood with each other in the
most intimate of ways.Maybe this was all a bit much for them because the moment was broken as one
of them shouted out "Quit it fags its time to swallow up and get back to
work." Ian and I pulled away from each other and gulped down our mouthfuls
as instructed. "That was gross," added James, "you two really quite enjoyed
that didn't you. Fags like you should remember you're here to help us out
when we haven't got a girl with a nice tight pussy. Speaking of which...."
he tailed off and a couple of the others laughed menacingly. small russian titties "There's
nothing quite so tight as a russian portrait photographers fag boy pussy when he's just cum - he can
concentrate on taking it like a man and not thinking of his own pleasure."It was pretty obvious what they had in mind, it was just a question of who
was doing what. Ian got the short sex movies russian
straw and he was told to kneel over doggy
style on the floor. James moved towards him saying "oh dear seems like
we've forgotten the lubrication. Never mind I'm sure he'll soon get
loosened up." Ian tried to move away at russian mpeg this point but two of the others
stopped him as James got into position behind him. Having just cum and with
the threat of what they were about to do to us neither Ian nor I were at all
hard and certainly not ready to get our arses fucked. However with five
against two there was no escape.James lined his cock head up against Ian's pink hole and started to press
forward. I was kind of intrigued to watch as his cock head started to slide
in but as it did Ian shouted out in pain. It wasn't going to be russian lollita sites easy for
Ian as James pulled back and then tried to force his way in again, making
Ian scream with pain again. "This is no good," said James, "he needs some
lubing up. Hey hot lips help me out here" he said to me. I was pushed down
towards them and James grabbed my head and pushed my face russian pornsites towards Ian's
arse. I realised what James was after but the thought of licking Ian's shit
hole didn't appeal much. However I knew I had no choice and at least if I
did a good job Ian would be spared some pain.I moved down onto him and licked his hole gently. There was a pungent smell
coming from Ian's spread cheeks, stronger than crotch smell but not
overpowering. I pushed my tongue in further and lapped at his hole. The
taste was better than then smell and all the better I think for being Ian's.
I pushed my tongue in as far as possible and tried to make Ian as wet as I
could. Ian started to moan and grind his arse in my face so it seemed he
was enjoying myself. I felt my cock starting to harden and realised I was
getting off on this too. "OK that's enough," said James as he pulled me off
and got back into position. He thrust himself roughly into Ian. Ian yelled
out in pain again but this time he was more ready for it and James's cock
soon disappeared into Ian. Ian was russian girls tgp
soon writhing around as James pounded
into him, the expression on Ian's face being part pain but increasingly
pleasure. James wrestled him round a bit more and I saw that free mature russian gallery
Ian's cock was
now fully erect too, and bouncing around from the motion of James.James started to slow a little but bore into Ian even deeper. From the look
on his face I guessed James was about to come. I thought he was pulling out
but then he thrust forward again and must have released himself into Ian's
arse. James pulled out as roughly as he had gone in and gave Ian a slap on
the arse. 007 russian love "Well done slut you took that well, nice and tight," he
congratulated Ian. "Next?" he asked the other guys.One of the others stepped forward and I realised he too was going to take
Ian, who I think by this point was resigned to his fate. He got into
position above Ian and thrust his throbbing cock towards Ian's waiting hole.
This time it slid in easily, Ian being lubricated by James' still fresh
cum. I wondered for a download russian sex moment how it was for this apparently tough rugby
player, to have his cock covered in his friend's cum that was coating the
tight arse of the poor guy they had both fucked.However it wasn't just Ian who would be entertaining the troops tonight.
James came towards me, his cock now only half erect but sticky from his cum
and the juices from Ian's arse. "Clean this filth off" he ordered me,
pulling me down in front of him. With some disgust I realised he wanted me
to lick the cum and juice from his cock. Again I knew I had no choice so I
went down on him and started to clean him up.The taste was a mixture. The now familiar taste of cum was the strongest
around his cock head - was it really only yesterday I had got my first taste
of cum? But as I worked down his semi-hard cock the cum taste became less
intense and instead I got the taste of Ian's arse, the same as when I had
loosened him up with my tongue although a little stronger and mixed with a
hint of sweat and cum. I couldn't believe the degradation I was being put
through, nor the fact that yet again I was getting turned on by the
experience.James pushed me off roughly just as I heard the guy who was fucking Ian yell
out as he came. "Good work chap," said James, "now let this runt clean you
up". I was pushed over to the new guy and set to work cleaning him up and
sucking off every last drop of his cum and also James' cum that russian 12 girls he had
collected from Ian's arse.Each of the five wanted their turn, so one by one they shot their load into
Ian's arse, which by now looked red raw, and then turned to my mouth for a
clean up. Finally I thought the ordeal was over as I cleaned up Will, who
had gone last. However they had one final humiliation in store for me."Seems such a waste of our prime man juice don't you think" said Will to his
friends, "going to waste up one poof's arse when there's another one hungry
for it. Go on faggot, see what you can get out of him."Once more I found myself kneeling behind Ian with my face in his arse. I
placed my mouth around his hole which by now was slick with the cum of the
five of them. I free naked russian started to suck gently and was surprised at how easily the
cum started to drain out of rateme russian him. I'll admit that I had a taste for cum now
and I found myself swallowing it greedily - even second hand from Ian's arse
every drop was delicious. Soon I had sucked him dry, much to the delight of
the five of them, who by now had all got dressed. "You really are a sick
bastard," said Will as I pulled russian cyber slut out, "but very entertaining".At this they hauled Ian to his feet, and as quickly as they had arrived,
they frog marched him out again, leaving me once more naked, alone,
thoroughly russian pantyhose pictures
humiliated and degraded, but still sporting a huge, aching
erection. I quickly jerked myself off and (don't ask me why) just as I came
I instinctively nubile russian gallery bent myself forward and shot my load in my own mouth. What
had I become?
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